Friday, April 07, 2006

Dan Brown's Body

As expected, English High Court Justice Peter Smith today found that Dan Brown had not committed infringement in writing The DaVinci Code. Here is a link to a CNN story, and to stories in the following British online newspapers: London Financial Times, the Guardian, and The Independent. Here is a link to the 71 page opinion itself.

One wonders only how it is the case got to trial. The use was, at best of a few ideas or what were described as historical references in the original. Still, there are some who believe Brown engaged in morally reprehensible behavior, as witnessed in this piece in the Times of London yesterday. I don't share that view. One of the many things I miss about Justice O'Connor's departure from the bench is her grasp of the promotion of progress as involving, in equal measure and respect, both protection for copyright owners and for those who want to build on the works of others.


Anonymous said...

Wow--"morally reprehensible behavior"? And this from an Englishman? If we're to condemn Dan Brown for drawing heavily on the historical work of others, what are we to do with Shakespeare, who did as much and more with most of his plays?

Even coming from the solicitor of two of the aggreived authors, that's taking it a bit far.

Anonymous said...

DAN BROWN IS A FUCKING IDIOT! He takes a piece of factual historical evidence, puts just the right spin on it, to where Americans will gain interest, and lets his bullshit "facts" hit stores. In the process, he's using naive Americans like you donkey's by falsey conveying ALL his research as "FACT", mixing it together to form a bullshit story that Americans will pay to hear, and stealing each and every persons dollar who is actually weakminded enough to believe this ludocrisy w/o researching all of the facts. Don't believe everything you hear kids. Even if it seems so intelligent and wonderfully mysterious, that you don't feel knoweledgable enough to question the truth.

Here's a start... (Step 1 of the Process)

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