Monday, July 17, 2006

Chihuly in the Bronx

I have done two postings on the suit brought by Dale Chilhuly for copyright infringement of his glass sculptures, one here and one here. This weekend, I went to a unique exhibit of his works at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. Unique, because of the settings: the works were displayed in fountains, hidden among plants, in ponds, all over the grounds. There were works for a desert setting, for a rain forest, and many other habitats. The show was fantastic, and my twins loved it too. Here's a link to the Botanical Gardens's online brochure. The show runs to the end of October.

On the copyright side of things, I saw works that were complex and creative as well as works that were not much different than you would see at Home Depot. But even for the highly creative works, the scope of protection would seem narrow, limited to that particular expression, and certainly not extending to style or technique.

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