Monday, August 28, 2006

The EFF Sues Barney

The EFF is seeing purple, as in Barney. A suit filed last week in San Francisco seeks to stop what the EFF regards as abusive behavior by the usually well-behaved dino. Here is a link to an EFF case page about the litigation. My twins have shown little interest in Barney, preferring Dora the Explorer and my favorite, The Backyardigans. Barney has long been a flashpoint in cultural debates. (Please notice my restraint in this posting, part of my continuing efforts to be Mr. Nice Guy). The case will no doubt touch on those debates as part of its effort to declare Barney fair game for parodies of all sorts.

The suit was filed on behalf of Stuart Frankel (not to be confused with my friend and copyright lawyer Simon Frankel who is also in San Francisco). Stuart's website, has received a number of cease and desist letters from Barney's adult guardians, Lyons Partnership of Allen Texas. Lyons has been quite litigious.

I Love You, You Love Me.

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