Sunday, January 13, 2008

CNN Tells Us How to Burn Analog Music to Digital

Whether as a follow-up to their segment on the RIAA v. Howell dust-up about personal copying or not, CNN did a story today how to transfer your LPs or cassettes to digital form: here is the link, which is an interview with A future segment will deal with how to transfer video tape.


Anonymous said...

Does it now become obvious that the next litigation event by RIAA that defendant should name as 3rd parties all of the media companies such as CNN, Apple and Microsoft, etc. by virtue of their media players and software which perform the conversion, all the CD drive manufacturers and computer manufacturers and the 'experts' such as Data Doctors who all have enabled if not encouraged the conversion of legally purchased CD's onto their computer which RIAA claims to be evidence of 'unauthorized' copies?

Isn't it now clear that unlike the portrayal by RIAA in their legal actions, the notion that their targets are not solely responsible but have become enabled, encouraged and justified by the above named parties.


PS: is it possible that William Patry has no opinion on EFF's amicus curae filing on behalf of defendant in Atlantic v. Howell?

William Patry said...

P.S. I haven't read EFF's brief in Howell yet; I have been working on a different brief in conjunction with them.

Anonymous said...

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