Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bears, Gorillas, Basketballs, Bicycles, and Copyright

What do Bears, Gorillas, Basketballs, Bicycles, and Copyright have to do with each other? The answer, a recent dispute over a UK ad ageny’s apparent copying (at least ideas) on awareness from University of Illinois professor Daniel Simons. Here is the original video. Here is the UK ad agency’ video.

The UK video was produced for Transport for London, to raise awareness of cyclists. The obvious similarities in the two videos has prompted much press. Here is one link on the bikebiz blog. Here is a link to a discussion within the ad agency community (scroll down to the March 11th and 12th entries).

The ad agency that made the TFL ad is quoted as saying it didn’t think it violated Professor Simon’s copyright, and Professor Simons, who handled the matter with great distinction, noted that there were some differences, although the differences are very slight.

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Random factoid, the University of Illinois study received an Ig Nobel award in 2004